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5 Items Older Adults Should Buy Resale

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Smart shoppers love to stretch their dollar by finding quality items at a fraction of the retail cost. One way to spend wisely is shopping resale. Some everyday and leisure items like those on our list below can save you tons in comparison to retail prices.

Resale sites like are running over with gently used and brand new items you may be looking for. Before shopping resale, read our tips on buying these five items you should always purchase “new to you.”


Garden Tools

If you’re an avid gardener, you choose the right tools that are key to seeing your garden flourish. According to experts at Mother Earth News, when buying resale garden tools you should “look for solid construction on welded points and pay special attention to where the metal attaches to the handle. If a tool has parts that are supposed to move, make sure they do. Another thing to look for on metal is heavy pitting and flaking, which weakens the metal so that the tool would be better suited for decoration than garden work.” Professional gardener Maggie Moore suggests paying close attention to:

  • Dents, tears, or cracks
  • Rust and flaking
  • Loose handles or tool heads
  • Rotting wood

Fine Jewelry

Finding a special piece of jewelry can be expensive when purchased at retail prices. Purchasing pre-owned jewelry can often save you between hundreds and thousands. With prices discounted from the original time of purchase, resale jewelry can help you save while obtaining an item of high quality. Pay attention to these parts of the jewelry:

  • Broken or bent clasps, prongs, chain links, ring walls, etc.
  • Signs of excessive wear and tear
  • Scratches in the metal or small chips in the gemstones

Puzzles and Games

Games and puzzles can be found in abundance at a discounted price. These are the perfect items for rainy day entertainment or fun with family and friends. Experts at suggest purchasing games used “to liven up the home scene without spending a lot.” They also recommend paying close attention to the following when making a resale purchase:

  • Torn parts of the puzzle or game
  • Parts too worn to be functional
  • All pieces are accounted for

Home Décor

You can save thousands of dollars purchasing home décor resale. In most cases, it’s easy to find high-quality pieces like rugs, mirrors, vases, or shelving in barely used and sometimes new condition. When shopping for these items pass on the purchase if:

  • The item is stained or well worn
  • The piece is discolored
  • The item shows signs of water damage
  • Major cracks or dents are present

Small Kitchen Appliances

New models of appliances are released often and make small kitchen items one of the best items to purchase “new to you.” Unique kitchen gadgets can save you serious money when trying new recipes or if you aren’t sure the item will be used often. When purchasing small kitchen appliances resale, stay away from items:

  • That aren’t clean or missing parts
  • With dents, pitting, or worn surfaces
  • With frayed or worn cords or bent plugs



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